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Purpose of Life

Actually, this webpage is not about the purpose of life, that is handled by someone well above my paygrade.  However, it is about reading which can enhance almost every element of your life.

There was a time when people found solace and delight in the pages of books.  Unfortunately, people today are lost in the circuitry of their mobile devices, unaware of the marvelous world they are missing.  I would like to humbly offer those who have a receptive ear reasons to reverse this sorrowful trend.  On this forum you should expect to see justifications why we should read.  Some of them might surprise you.  I promise not to get preachy.

I will also share books I have read that have inspired me; and because I am an author, I will communicate excerpts of my own books, and provide occasional updates on future work. 

Perhaps you have read a book which has piqued your interest?  I welcome any contributions and feedback.


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