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My First Five Years at Sea

Updated: Jun 2


"Our first stop was No Name Key, one of the lesser populated islands south of Miami.  It took us almost 10 hours to sail from Havana to the appointed meeting; but, was still daylight when we arrived. While we waited 5 casks of rum were shifted from bellow deck to the port catwalk.  Cookie made some disgusting gruel for what would be our only mess call for the day. I supplemented the sticky porridge with dried fruit to disguise the flavor and add some needed nourishment.   Everyone ate in silence lost in their own thoughts, and perhaps fears.  After which the crew including the captain slept until dark.  This being my first experience selling bootleg, I was too nervous to attempt sleep.  Instead I worked on the engine to ensure it would start if called upon to beat a hasty retreat.  Time crawled by and I did my best to keep focused on busy work; but, even slow time eventually makes its passage arriving at the appointed destination where hour and minute hands were intended.”

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