My First Five Years at Sea

Updated: Oct 25


"Search light cut through darkness like a knife slashing back and forth severing shades of night. Illuminating rain drops, and slices of Spirit of Freedom…not whole boat at once, just pieces of bow, cockpit, and portion of deck house. Scanning it caught glimpses of Samuel and Fletcher, revealing frozen expressions of surprise and confusion. Whoever was handling the light couldn’t, or wouldn’t, keep it still, nervously jerking back and forth. Painting images with light, then erasing images with dark. When it did finally rest, it framed me…holding an incriminating crow bar, searing lumens revealing my intentions, splintered companionway indicting me in my actions. Squinting I struggled to see beyond the light to discern who, or whom, had found…or, should I say, exposed our boat and its crew."

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