Letters to Bizzy:

Updated: Oct 25

"April 7, 1947

My Dear Bizzy

I hope this letter finds you, as I am uncertain of your current address, and hope it finds you well. I must apologize as it has been some time since I’ve last written. I wish I could offer a legitimate excuse, but as is often the case, time has a way of getting away from me, days pass, months merge, and before I know it another year is gone. If you’re not careful years will add up. Seems only yesterday your mother and I were celebrating your first birthday; a wonderful event which took you by surprise and provided many sources of entertainment for mother and me. Not certain we ever got all the cake and ice cream out that ole sofa. But sofas are meant for the living, and not the other way round.

Hard to believe you’re now a woman. If my ciphering is correct you celebrated your 26th birthday only a few weeks ago. Happy Birthday! If you haven’t reached the age, it won’t be too long when the thought of another birthday will only bring resentment; and, you will be forced to appear grateful for all the well wishers and glad handers reminding you’re only getting older. Take my advice, don’t. They’ll only come back at you again next year with the same cheerful rubbish.

Hope you won’t mind if I barge in on your life and write to you now and then. Sharing a little of what’s going on, and maybe a few stories too boot would do me good. Almost like we were sitting together on the wrap-around porch chatting about this and that, watching the surf crash onto the beach. Have no proof, but I believe the bond between folks is strengthened when they get-up to talking. It may be just prattle, yet sometimes it isn’t what you say, but how you say it, and that you had a mind to say something. Never had the gift of gab, don’t mean I don’t have a hankering to hear from you, and listening to your sweet voice would please me to no end. If you would write I would be most happy, if not it’s alright, I’ll understand.

For now, your loving,


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