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Letters to Bizzy:

Updated: May 20

"Your honor, based on the testimony of Miss Alice Hoffman, and I might remind you the plaintiff in this case, I am bound to conclude my associations of general principles…women will formulate a bond of convenience with a hat that suits their whimsy, cooing and glowing in the sparkle of contemporary vogue. But let this same hat get a little tarnished, a little old, a smite out of fashion; and, they are all too quick to discard their once beloved in a most capricious and callous act of abandonment. Is it any wonder this same woman would set upon the defendant to curse and abuse the poor man for what? I will tell you what! For being loyal, for holding dear that which was once new and shiny, but now, due to no fault of its own, has seen better days! This man, and his hat; no, let me say all men and their hats, show the unfailing consistent allegiance through thick or thin, in good times and bad, sticking together until death do us part! Are we to allow the injustice perpetrated against this defendant for being loyal and honorable go unchallenged? Your honor, I put to you it is the predispositions of women that are on trial!"

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