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Letters to Bizzy:

Updated: Feb 9

"My Dear Bizzy

Barely a month has gone by, and you must forgive me for writing so soon, but it is now start of vacation season here on the island which gets folks heart’s pumping.  Merchants are preparing for a flood of out-of-towners poking at their wares some buying a souvenir or two, cottages are being spruced-up to welcome guests, swimming pavilion is hiring staff and cleaning and stacking towels, heard the Palace has already booked bands and is waxing the wood floors in preparation for those brave souls willing to embarrass themselves and step-out.  What was shuttered is now getting un-shuttered and the good people of Bogue Banks are coming alive again after long off-season hibernation.  I’m sure at the other end of this thing we’ll all be happy to see everyone go back to where they came from so we can get on with our own lives, a slower pace to be sure.  This cycle has been going on since I can remember, or at least since they put the toll bridge to mainland in 1928.  But for now excitement is palpable and there is no reason to ruin anyone’s fun.  Anyway, got me thinking which is why I’m putting pen to paper."

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