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Letters to Bizzy:

Updated: Jun 2

"Been told I was born on New Year’s Eve some minutes before or after midnight which would have put me either in 1899 or 1900.  Found complaining does little to change hard facts, but think I got me a legitimate beef when my parents don’t know which century I came into.  Being born didn’t seem to make much of an impression, cause I don’t remember the event, suppose most folk don’t.  Somewhere near abouts a year afterwards had me my first birthday, don’t remember that either; yet when I stopped messing my pants on a regular basis and took to counting on fingers I started having some awareness of being a human, with associated senses.  Have to say I’m fond of all my senses and glad they had a chance to develop as they did.  In a world which has got itself in real hurry, it is a blessing to have spent my life on an island where over stimulation is not the norm.  As a boy I was free to explore anything and everything within the distance I was willing to walk.  Parents had no fear of external threats and there were very few natural threats to be concerned about.   Maybe a snake or errant gator; but, they figured I’d learn what I could touch and what to leave alone soon enough."

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Hi there John! I've recently finished your book and was asked by Jenn at Travelling Pages Tours for a blog tour and review. I've really enjoyed your book and loved your writing style.

Good luck with the book and I truly hope it will do very well!

Here's a link to my review:

<a href="">Elza Reads</a>

Me gusta
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