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In My Father’s Shadow is a series of short stories chronicling the life of the author’s father.  In these stories the author has attempted to capture the essence of what his father taught his brother and him, the time they spent in play, and the life lessons which has left an indelible imprint.  In point of fact, it is a story about all fathers.  Most average men, very few leaving a legacy of great deeds, but through small acts of kindness, love, and favor are elevated to greatness.  Its every man’s story.  The story begins with his father in the early 1900’s growing up in Tidewater Virginia during the Depression years.  We travel with him to his time in the Navy during World War II, and post-war years building a quality of life for himself and family.  The last chapter brings us to his last days and gives the reader the opportunity to reflect on his life.  Also included are historical references to the time in which his father lived spanning a period of remarkable medical, political, and socioeconomic significance.

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June, 2024

The River


Peter Heller

Wynn and Jack share a love for the outdoors.  College buddies they escape to the wilderness whenever they get a chance in search of adventure in the great outdoors.  Wynn a native of Vermont is a gentle giant who believes in the hope of humanity.  Jack, a Coloradan, has a more jaded view of man and depends on instinct to warn him of danger.

They decide during summer break before the start of school to canoe the Maskwa River in northern Canada to the head waters of the Hudson Bay.  Fishing, story-telling, days of leisure upon the river is what they anticipate.  What they find is a collision of treachery, a rogue wildfire, and an injured woman in desperate need of medical attention, which begins a desperate race to save themselves and their charge.

This is an exciting story of survival in the wilderness and against antagonists that threaten their existence, often straining the relationship between Wynn and Jack.  During the telling Heller masterfully elaborates the beauty of the outdoor.  The reader can’t help finding themselves caught-up in the panoramic painted by the author.  This is a fun fast-paced read.

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A Young Man Writing

Almost finished with my seventh book.  Looking forward to completing edits and soliciting interest.

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