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Notebook and Pen

September, 2023

Cross Down


James Patterson and Brendan DuBois

Alright, no one can claim I am too snobby to read formulaic novels, although I am fairly selective which ones.  “Cross Down” by James Patterson and Brendan DuBois, follows in a series about two crime fighters, Alex Cross and John Sampson.

In this book the duo is part of a special task force chaired by 4-Star General Grissom to investigate what appears to be random domestic terrorism across the United States.  It is fast paced and entertaining, as they attempt to tie together lose-ends and get to the bottom of who and why is committing these heinous acts. 

I dare not reveal too much as it would be a spoiler to readers.  This is a good book for the beach or weekend at the lake.  Word of advice, you maybe forced to suspend disbelief when it comes to John Sampson escaping so many close calls.  But it is a fun read.

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